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Three Ways How Male Fashion and Dating Are Heavily Related That You Probably Missed!

The way you dress yourself for your first date has a significant impact on how your night could turn out. Aside from the activities, dialogue and charisma, you’ll need your look to be the best it could be. Males, commonly, may have zero no idea about dressing themselves. However, about 80% of them wouldn’t even consult a woman friend or any stylist for that matter.

Here’s some news for you gents. Dating and fashion do coincide.


Good Manners and Good Decorum

You have the right words, body language, conversation and charisma. However, you can’t please your date, who keeps excusing herself from your presence after your first lunch break. Even if you’re going to a coffee date or having a high-commitment date in the amusement park or movies, the way you dress yourself shows how important you treat your guest-of-honor.

Good manners is never enough if you’re wearing ragged hair, unpressed and tasteless clothing and you couldn’t even wash yourself. The way select and wear perfume is the way you should wear clothes and present yourself. Making your presence beautiful is good manners and proper decorum for your guest.


Body Language Is Amplified By Clothing

If you’re wearing just shorts and slippers, your body language, no matter how seductive or well-rehearsed, will never work if it doesn’t match your clothing. A man in a pinstripe suit making a seductive smile is far more attractive than a man wearing plainclothes and a pair of shorts doing the same thing.


Lead The Way, And Look the Part!

Ever wonder why people listen to politicians or most people that appear on television? Not only are their voices and wits significant, but their leadership is evident in the way they dress. One couldn’t appreciate a delicious dish that does not look presentable, regardless of how fine it is made. Always look the part. Even if you have a charismatic voice, you wouldn’t go too far if people keep staring at holes in your shirt, or your horrid combination of red and orange colors.

Three Tips On How To Make Sure Your First Date Goes Well

A first date with someone new is a “do or die” moment because you’ll be setting a boundary between being honest to yourself and showing proper decorum and respect for the other person. The first thing to know is organizing your date. Always aim to have your date during a day that is not hectic for her. Go for low commitment first dates during common days. Have conversational confidence and make sure that you’re the one leading on a date. If you’re the one who’s asking for a date, always be the one to show initiative.

How To Sound Awesome On The Phone, And Find Hot Dates Using Adult Chatlines

When talking of love and relationships, one that must not be overlooked about these is communication. It is of utmost necessity that there is openness of conversation and expression. On top of that, frequency must be established to keep and maintain a strong connection.

But with the advent of online dating, it changes things when it comes to human relations. Technology is now very much involved. Getting to know another person does not start with a face to face interaction. With adult chat lines and the like, the phone and the computer become the means, especially to meet new friends and then lovers.

For these instances, it is then significant that you establish and differentiate yourself from the rest, even just as you do your introductions. Via the phone, for example, you have to be awesome, and sound like so. Then again, how do you accomplish that?

To start off, having confidence is vital. Learn the difference between being such and being cocky. You need to seem comfortable with who you are, but not someone who underestimates and misjudges others. That quality can make your being confident not work to your advantage.

Maybe it is your first time for this life venture, and so, it is normal that you are nervous. What you can do to solve this is to practice in front of the mirror. Rehearse what you want to say and express and nit-pick anything that you see is too much or improve where you are lacking. You can even ask the help of a friend (preferably one of the opposite sex) to do real time calling for you to be at ease in such situation.

Your voice alone can form an impression to the other party, so you must make it to be lasting in their mind. Hence, you have to also determine what image you want to be associated with. Do you want to stand out as someone sweet or do you want to go for a sexy take? Whatever persona you pick is up to you.

Going cute will entail you to speak softly and in a manner that is pleasing to the ears. For the sexy type, using flirtatious words and tones will definitely do the trick. In all fairness though, both methods have similar or same effects – you will no doubt find and attract hot dates. The difference will just lie on the kinds of men and women who will do so.

Are you interested in adult chat lines? Well, you should go and look for a free trial phone chat! It is a safe way to check it out and identify it is something that works for you. Make it as practice to see if you are awesome on the phone and if you can grab a partner for yourself.

A useful reference would be the pure dating chat lines guide. There is a wide selection for you; for sure in one chat line or two, you will seek what or who you are looking for.

The Rising Trend of Mobile Dating [Infographic]

Dating is a rising trend worldwide as much as the number of smartphone owners worldwide. Smartphones are becoming the next-best tool for searching the internet. Mobile applications, including our own app, have increased in the number of users looking for love in many different places. So, if you’re going to go on dating, maybe it’s time you used our app to find that special someone, or at least send them a message that you’re very interested.